Classical music and slow music


An anachronism: Beethoven and the birth of the directory

Also according to Nicholas Cook, the design of the music today has inherited of the nineteenth century, due mainly to the character of Ludwig van Beethoven. The concept of repertoire, "musical museum" that Liszt require the foundation in 1835 as an institution, there was not before the Romantic era. Thus, composers such as Jean-Philippe Rameau, Johann Sebastian Bach and Joseph Haydn, wrote their works for a precise time (the Sunday mass or dinner Prince Esterhazy, for example, and suggests that No one expected them to go see his works for posterity. One example is the famous St. Matthew Passion, to be implemented in 1829 by Felix Mendelssohn was the first since the creation of the work, one hundred and two years earlier.

The classical influence on popular music

However, the contribution of classical music to folk music is no less important. The tonal language, used by the vast majority of musicians variety was developed at the beginning of the Baroque period. In addition, the various popular music are usually linked in one way or another to a pan of classical repertoire, even if these influences are very rarely claimed. However, the use of a tonal system could not be more conventional pop groups like Oasis, with chords and harmonics steps worthy of the purest classical tradition, or the influences of composers Baroque (Vivaldi and Bach) on guitar hard rock or heavy metal such as Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads are quite detectable by ear warned.

Classical music has often incorporated elements or even taken material from popular music. Examples include occasional music such as Brahms' use of student drinking songs in his Academic Festival Overture, genres exemplified by Kurt Weill's The Threepenny Opera, and the influence of jazz on early- and mid-twentieth century composers including Maurice Ravel, as exemplified by the movement entitled "Blues" in his sonata for violin and piano. Certain postmodern, minimalist and postminimalist classical composers acknowledge a debt to popular music.

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