Music of Egypt

Egyptian traditional instruments are Harp, flute and clarinet. Later the Tabla (Egyptian drum) has been practiced. Egyptian music has always been an important part of Egyptian culture. The first musical instruments back to the pre-dynastic period, but the evidence is stronger evidence during the Old Kingdom when harps, flutes and clarinets were played. Percussion instruments, lyres and lutes were added to music groups in the Middle Empire. The cymbals are often the songs and dance.

Renewal of Egyptian music

In the early nineteenth century, music has undergone in Egypt, a kind of renaissance and gained recognition through the talent of two great masters, Chehab Eddine and El Masloub. The first brought together in a book, a hundred muwashshah, gasoline Andalusia, and the second, which lived more than 120 years, brought the art of dawr as how to sing. However, the seed of the two sheikhs will not truly successful until the early twentieth century, a time when any scientist or artist had to make his studies at the University Al-Azhar (Islamic university based in Cairo X century by the Fatima's) to leave with the title of Sheikh. Among the many students, had no predisposition particular artistic and literary works, whether in the field of poetry and the composition or the song. It is to them that we must have high Arabic music at a good level and they have paved the way for artists who have succeeded, as Mohamed Abdel Wahab and many others .

One of the biggest was Zakaryah Ahmad (1896 - 1961) who, after pouring in the sacred chant, has moved, from 1922, to the composition. His best songs, such Ahl El Hawa (People of love, 1944), El Amal (Hope) and Ya salat el-zein (Prayer of beauty), were interpreted by Oum Kalsoum.

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