Music of Egypt

The other great pioneer named Sheikh Sayyid Darwish (1892 - 1923) and had changed the music scene in Egypt providing a more expressive in musical form called dawr. Disappeared too young, he sang and composed 39 muwashshah, 12 dawr, 132 taqtuqa, 22 national songs, 24 monologues and dialogues 17. He also composed the music and songs of 31 pieces of musical theater and one of his major works, Bilady (My Country), became the national anthem of Egypt.

However, we can not evoke the classical Egyptian without citing the figure that was Salih Abd El Hayy (1896 - 1962). He learned singing along with Mohamed Omar, a fabulous player of Qanun (zither), and at its first appearance on stage, on the register mawwal, his beautiful and strong voice has attracted public attention and the big names of the time as Zaky Mourad, Safaty El Sayed and Abdellatif Al Banna. Salih remain in history as the first voice heard on the radio. It was in 1934 and his most popular success remains Leyh ya banafseg (Why oh violet).

Musicians of the late twentieth century

In recent years, a new generation to revive the busy circle Poets, starting with Sheikh Mohamed Seyam, born in 1960. After studying in religious schools Islamic Qaliyubiyah (Delta, northern Egypt), as he began reciting the Koran while acting as the muezzin in the mosque in the village. His love for singing led him to Moulid (religious ceremony) as munshid (religious singer) sing about miracles of the prophet. Later, he turned to singing classical Arabic, with a preference for the repertoire of his idol Sheikh Zakaryah Ahmad.



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